Selling CDs 1 on 1… So Embarrassing

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I had just got off stage singing my heart out and was standing behind my merchandise table.

I was waiting for the rush of people to come hand me money for my CDs and tell me what an awesome job I did.

I waited

and waited

and waited

Pretended to do something important on my phone and then…

No one came… :(

Then finally I was like screw it.

I need gas money to get to the next show and buy some food.

I grabbed 4-5 CDs and started walking around the bar

CDs in hand I approached people cautiously saying “did you like the show?”

If they they said YES… I’d say “did you want to get a copy of my CD for only $5 bucks?”

Some people stared at me like I had just laid an egg

Other’s had the “Get Lost” sign across their face

It was so embarrassing walking up to person to person.

But then… I got a sale, and then another sale

I don’t know if it was worth it or not but it was very humiliating.

I share this story to say that I had to go through some pain to find success

It definitely wasn’t just handed to me.

My question to you is “are you willing to put yourself through that type of pain if it means accomplishing your dreams?”

Thank God we don’t have to walk up to people hand to hand anymore which I would never recommend unless you want to build some serious confidence..

Geese that was harder then walking up to a pretty girl and sparking up a conversation.

I don’t know if you’ve read or listened to my Book Fighter “5 Keys To Conquering Fear and Reaching Your Dreams” but I promise it will inspire you… Listen to it for FREE on Spotify here

If you want a physical copy get it here.

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you another story so get ready for that one!

Stay inspired and never quit!


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