Music Marketing: 5000 Emails vs 200,000 Social Media Followers

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In my experience

Email wins every time!

My friend Ariel Hyatt said to me over the phone

The money is in the EMAIL LIST… and she couldn’t have been more correct when it comes to music promotion.

Start building your email list today

Even if it’s friends, family, co-workers…

Even if you don’t have an album or song released yet…

Start building that list for when the day comes to promote your music.

The other day I posted on my Instagram, Facebook & Twitter about 10 limited signed
CDs I found that were for sale.

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Here are my social media stats:
Instagram 18,000 Followers
Facebook – 168,000 likes
Twitter – 26,000 followers

I got 3 sales from that by the end of the day….

24 hours later I emailed my list and within 45 minutes I sold out the rest of the CDs.

The list I sent it to was less then 5,000 emails….

You do the math… but I’d say email crushes social media every time!

Even when I did my last Kickstarter that raised over $45,000 from amazing fans!

When I look at the statistics it said that email was the #1 traffic driver for pledges and supporters!

Facebook was #2 by the way

So again Email won.

The main reason is email is a lot harder to ignore then social media.

People’s attention spans have disappeared so it’s important that we learn how to use email marketing to connect with our fans.

I suggest giving away your music for free to start building an email list while at the same time building a relationship with your fans

I freaking love Active Campaign and it’s super affordable.. You can get a 14 free trial here

It has way more cool features then Mail Chimp or Aweber at a fraction of the cost.

Wishing you nothing but success



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