How To Write a Song Using Melodies

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Video Transcript:

Hey, guys. This is Chris Greenwood, also known as Manafest. Thanks so much for watching this training on how to write a song using a melody.
So, right here, I’m going to take a piece of my song called ‘Human’, and I’m going to mess with the melody and show you how you can start to write, and get ideas out, and mess around with different melodies. And I’ll just say this, one of the biggest things you’ve got to do is overcome fear and to be able to try stuff and not care. And so that when you walk into a room, when you’re writing with somebody else, or you’re just by yourself, that you’re not afraid to try stuff, because you’ve got to put yourself out there to overcome fear and so that you can get the best song as possible.
I have this song called ‘Human’, and there’s a part in this song where it says, (singing). And so that’s the melody, (singing). I want to take that and just mess with it. I could have rapped that, (singing). I could have rapped that, I could have said, (singing). You can mess with it and just, (singing).
You know what I mean? You can mess with it in so many different ways and put pauses, put breaks, hold on to notes longer, we just really messed that up, just freestyling right now, messing it up, you know what I mean? I could be, (singing). I can just take that one thing that started like, (singing). I personally think that that’s still the best one, but just the idea of you can really mess with things. Just because you come up with the first melody doesn’t mean you can’t come up with something better.
If I can even just pull that apart, (singing). I could (singing).
I’m just taking that word angel and just twisting it. So, play with stuff, try stuff, don’t just take the very first thing that you come up with the melody, but be non-fearful, dare to try something new. As I say in my other videos, dare to suck, dare to just risk yourself, that’s what art is and it’s playing with it, and sometimes the crazier, the weirder the stuff, sometimes that’s what people want. I could have been whispering that, it could be like a total whisper track, (singing). I could have been so breathy with it. And there’s just so much stuff you can do with the melody. So, take a verse or a lyric that you have and mess with it, twist it, move around with it and try different things. Okay? I hope you guys loved this training.
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